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Use of Cookies Notice

What is Cookies

Cookies is small computer information (text file) which will be installed or recorded on your computer or electronic device when you access the Group’s websites or applications in order to collect log data of your internet usage or your access to websites or applications behaviour for the Group to be able to improve its services to be better faster and safer.

You can read more details of Cookies at

How does the Group Use Cookies

The Group will use Cookies when you access the Group’s websites or applications which can be separated by its usage as follows:

• Functionality Cookies: we use this type of Cookies to remember your device or browser so that we can be faster to manage content to be suitable for your personal interest and to make the services and platforms be more comfortable and beneficial to you. You can set your device to disable the use of Cookies by viewing the help method of your browser or device.

• Analytic Cookies: we use the Analytics Cookies provided by Facebook and Google to analyze the usage of visitors of the website for presenting products or services to you via advertisement in social media. If you do not consent to have such third parties process your personal data, you can choose not to accept the use of Cookies on our websites.

However, the disabling of the use of Cookies may cause you to be unable to effectively use some websites, the Group reserves the rights in the efficiency of the services resulted from the rejection of Cookies collection such as you may not receive information in accordance with your interest or you may not be able to receive information related to the services, products or the Group’s privileges etc.

Amendment to Use of Cookies Notice

If there is any amendment to this Notice, the Group will announce it via websites, applications, or other communication channels of the Group and the new Use of Cookies Notice will be effective on the announcement date.

Information of Personal Data Controller and Data Protection Officer

If you have any query regarding the use of Cookies or the Use of Cookies Notice of the Group, you can contact the Personal Data Controller and/or Data Protection Officer of the Group via the following channels

PDPA Contact Center

Tel: 02-975-5566 or email:



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