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Question: Why is not online ordering available at my local store?
Answer: Not all stores have the ability to connect to online ordering at this stage, however we are working to have them all connected as quickly as possible.

Question: Why does Oishi charge a THB 40 deliver fee?
Answer: For meal delivery, the delivery fee will cover the cost of gas or other transportation costs. We reserve the right to charge a delivery fee based on the distance.  Placing orders over the phone (1773) and through our online ordering platform, the same rate is applied.
- Distance: 0.1-3 km: THB 40 / order 
- Distance: 3.01-7 km: THB 60 / order

Question: Why won’t system accept my address?
Answer: We try our best to keep our address listings up to date, however some streets are listed in various formats making this hard to do. We also have a limited delivery area to ensure we deliver to our customers the freshest possible food. If your address is not accepted you can call 1773 to contact our customer support.

Question: Will I still receive my order if I didn’t get my confirmation number?
Answer: Unfortunately, no, the confirmation number is your confirmation that your order has been processed through your selected store. If you do not get a confirmation number back you should ring our Customer Service Hotline on 1773.

Question: How will I know that my credit card details will be kept secure?
Answer: When you order products through this website we use a secure server. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts the information you send when you place an order through this website. For further details you can view the Privacy Policy available on this site.

Question: What number should I call if I can't make the website work?
Answer: If you are having troubles with ordering through the website please call our Customer Service Hotline on 1773.



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